OnSite Aerial Advertising is a night time aerial advertising aircraft. It has a unique lighting system mounted under the wing that displays moving messages. This technology was actually invented to use on the blimp and adapted to small aircraft. Messages are custom tailored with scrolling text, flashing text, hashtags, animations and much more!

A Message from Above always sticks in your mind more than traditional marketing technique.

Anywhere you want to catch people’s attention OnSite Aerial Advertising will be there.

We fly all over the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Call us today for more information. 602 633 4910


YOUR Location!
Automotive Dealerships
Casino & Night Clubs
Community Events
Corporate Gatherings

Hashtag Awareness
Music Concerts
Real Estate

Restaurants & Hotels
Retail Stores & Shopping Malls
Rush Hour Drive
Sporting Events
Text Messages
Trade Shows
Wedding Proposals

These are only some of the markets we have served successfully. Wherever there are people, we can fly your message!


of people remembered seeing the airplane aerial banner go by after 30 minutes


could remember the product or service being advertised


retained at least half the message from the aerial ad*

Call 602 633 4910 for more info or

Text the word “OnSite” to 555-888 to find out how effective it is!