All options include text marketing “bounce back” service, providing our customers the opportunity to expand their advertising messages and create a texting database to launch periodic text coupons and special offers.

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In today’s advertising landscape, it’s hard to stand out and be noticed. But, it’s easy for On Site Aerial Advertising clients!

Everyone will notice and comment as they see your custom message or advertisement scroll by in lights on the underside of the wings of an On Site airplane as it flies by in the nighttime sky. It doesn’t matter if we’re flying over an outdoor concert, the camping area of a NASCAR event, entertainment and shopping areas, or even your own backyard. Everyone will notice, and remember seeing it.

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Consider these takeaways:

* IMPACT — The On Site aerial messaging platform has the proven ability to grab a viewer’s attention in a matter of seconds, unlike nearly every other type of advertising.

* VIRAL– Due to the uniqueness of our delivery, people often take photos or video of our plane, meaning, they are re-sharing your message_ on their own social media channels, boosting the message or ad beyond those in attendance.

* RETENTION — Our traffic audits validate the degree of value and efficiency delivered to an audience and report the highest recall and retention rates in out of home advertising media.

* EXCLUSIVE — The On Site aerial platform is the only plane of its kind in Arizona, so you know your message will be viewed as unique and unlike any other ad or billboard.

On Site Aerial Advertising increases not only the Opportunity to See but makes your message more Likely to See. Plus, we offer both reach and frequency to make sure your message or ad is remembered.

You get the message–the question is, will your audience? I hope we can talk soon.